Insurance Industry Reports

In times of a changing economic landscape, access to reliable information is more critical than ever for sound decision making. Our mission is to equip our stakeholders with the most objective industry insight on the market.

Commencing 2010, India Insure has endeavoured to release a report on the status of the Indian Insurance Market. While the 2010 Report has encapsulated the journey of the Indian Insurance Industry from inception until the year 2010, effective 2011, the report will give the status of the year that was and projections for the next year.

Benchmarking Reports

As a Risk manager, you have probably always had some kind of uneasiness while finalizing your insurance portfolio. Questions which may have loomed large at the back of your mind could be, "Am I paying the right price, or am I being fleeced?”, “Are my competitors also taking a similar kind of coverage or am I taking too much or too less?", "Are there any new covers in the market that I am unaware of?” or “What would be the total budget I should set aside towards insurance expenses?"

Well, a bench marking exercise, kind of tries to answer these haunting questions that you never knew whom to ask. It would be an effective tool for you to fall back on to understand what the industry trends are and accordingly make an informed decision.

At India Insure we recognize that businesses face countless issues with respect to risk management and insurance. The content in this section aims to address many of the complexities that organizations encounter, offering useful research and insights. Our thought leadership analysis and publications will keep you plugged in to what you need to know about both your industry and the complex risk environment you face. Each edition pulls together and shares our firms' industry-wide knowledge to help you quickly and easily get briefed on the issues that impact your sector.

As one of India’s leading risk management and insurance broking house, we believe we have an obligation to contribute to the discussion and thinking on these topics and these BENCHMARKING REPORTS are one way we wish to contribute.

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